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Mindfulness course in Leiden

8 weeks mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) training in Leiden (English spoken) 375€

Learn and practice mindfulness in Leiden. This training is supervised by the VMBN,  with costs covered by your health insurance (depending on insurer).

This 8 weeks training takes step by step on a journey toward a more conscious and stress free way of life. Led by your own experiences, each lesson builds upon the practices and insights gained in previous lessons.


Learn how to connect with the present moment. with your body, and have a kind and loving attitude toward your self, body and mind.  You will learn how to be aware of your limits and live without overstepping them. You will learn to understand stress, and how to deal with stressful situations in a positive better. You will learn to relax and wind down your mind.

During the 8 group lessons, each 2.5  hours you will learn:

  • How to train your mind, attention and focus

  • Relax your body and mind

  • Live consciously  and get out of living on auto pilot

  • Make conscious choices the support your wellbeing

  • Learn how to reduce and manage stress

  • Live in the present moment

  • See each experience as new

  • How to meditative

  • Walk mindfully, eat mindfully, move mindfully

  • Recognise and respect your limits

  • Have a loving attitude toward yourself and others

  • And much more.....

What to expect

Although each individual is unique, the MBSR program has been researched for Over 50 years.  Research-proven benefits are:​

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety: 

  2. Improved physical health,  including lower blood pressure, improved immune function, and reduced chronic pain.

  3. Increased focus and productivity: 

  4. Enhanced emotional well-being: 

  5. Improved sleep quality

  6. Increased empathy and compassion

  7. Strengthened relationships

  8. Increased resilience

Meet your teacher

Dr David Raban

David Raban is a mindfulness trainer, mindset coach, meditation teacher and breathing coach.

David began his practice of meditation in 1998, during a backpacking trip to Tibet, Nepal and India. Since then, he has been exploring the landscape of meditative states of mind.

David specializes in helping individuals and companies thrive in the modern, challenging and constantly changing world. 

David’s teachings offer a wide range of techniques and mindset guidelines to handle any situation,  from overcoming a burn out to  coaching executives on creating a winning mindset.

David hold a PhD in Astrophysics


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"I've had the pleasure to be a participant in one of the Mindfullness workshops organized by David. I'm looking back on a very valuable experience, not only in the sessions themselves  but also still now in daily life. David has been an excellent trainer and coach, a beacon of calmness and composure, with a mountain of knowledge on effective breathing techniques. He's put a personal touch on the workshop by sharing his own experiences, as well as leaving room for participants to share theirs.

Thanks David!"

Patrick Loffeld

What you will learn each week

Week 1  (SUN 26/2 12:00:14:30)

  • Introduction to the training

  • Experience life from a fresh perspective

  • Get out of auto-pilot

  • Connect with your body

Week 2  (SUN 5/3 12:00-14:30)

  • Insight into your perceptions

  • Deeper connection with the body

  • The 8 factors of mindfulness

  • Sitting meditation

Week 3  (SUN 12/3 12:00-14:30)

  • The 3 minute breathing space

  • mindful movement with gentle stretching

  • Becoming aware of the positive

  • Meditation

Week 4  (SUN 19/3 12:00-14:30)

  • Stress and its effect on you

  • Recognize the signs of stress

  • Discover the triangle of experience

  • Walking meditation

Week 5  (FRI 24/3 18:30-22:00)

  • Stress and its effect on you

  • Meditation practice to expand your awareness

  • Replace the automatic stress response with a conscious response

Week 6  (SUN 2/4 12:00-14:30)

  • Mindful communication

  • Deeper into meditation

  • Listen and connect with others

  • The effects of attention while communicating

Week 7  (SUN 19/4 12:00-14:30)

  • Take care of yourself

  • Dealing cravings, impulses

  • Self-love, kindness towards self

  • Insight dialogue

Week 8  (SUN 16/4 12:00-14:30)

  • Meditation practice

  • Review of the insights learned

  • Taking care of yourself on a daily basis

  • Establishing a long-term mindfulness practice

  • Next steps

Practice day (SUN 2/4 12:00-18:00)

​During the 6-hour practice day, we will create a mini 'retreat', an opportunity to deepen the practice, sharpen the focus and totally unwind.

Most of the time will be spent practising together the different meditations learned.

Where is it?

The course takes place at Live Yoga&Mindfulness studio in Leiden. The studio is located inside the beautiful park, the Leidse Hout. There is ample parking and it is easily reachable by food from the central station.


And what you get

The cost is 375€.  You get:

  • Free intake meeting

  • specifically created audio files (mp3) with guided meditation

  • A detailed handbook

  • in total 26. hours of training

  • Group limited to max 12. Personal attention

  • Possibility to get a refund from your health insurer

Great! How do I sign up?

Fill in the form the I'll reach out to plan the intake meeting.

In case of any questions, or if you just want to have a chat, or understand better if this is something for you you can always email me, call or text.


06 411 256 36

Thanks for submitting!

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