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"Insightful training goes beyond just superficial checking-the-box techniques.  The presenter is very passionate about the topic and shows the quality and content of the training.  I would have liked it recorded though so I could revisit parts "

"a great introduction session for team leaders on resilience concepts, not only to be a better team leader but also to reflect on your own resilience as teamlead. Two topics did stand out for me: better breathing is the key to a resilient "me & team" as well as the importance of daily appreciation of positive aspects to overcome the "negative bias of our brain" rules our and the teams' experience."

"David's session was informative, engaging and practical all at the same time - 90 minutes well spent to focus on the important topic of Resilience and how to improve it personally and within our teams"

"I consider myself to have high levels of emotional intelligence and very good resilience. I know about how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing, but I learnt a lot in this session about how to manage stress and anxiety in both the short term and the long term which was very useful."

"Excellent workshop to learn some useful tools but also to get inspired to further look into resilience"

"Great insight for myself and how to interpret for my team"

"The session has brightened my day"

"One of the best workshops of this kind I have attended! Very interesting examples explained in a simple manner. I will definitely start practising right off!"

"Very insightful.  Shared great tools to help create and maintain a positive mindset."

"The workshop was great!  It made me really think about how I respond to life's challenges and what I can do to improve my responses."

"Very clearly and calmly presentation of helpful insights, tips and tools. I would definitely recommend this to all AN colleagues!"

"I would recommend this training to everyone, as you might experience stress and it is better to have this knowledge before it is too late."

"The session gave me insights to be positive and calm, and ways to remove negativity bias to bounce back. Better resilience for work and life."

"I'm going to use these methods in my daily life. Thank you."

"Good prepared, broad knowledge of the lecturer and easy way to communicate important subject. Nice to have some more practical points."

"It was an excellent session on resilience which explained resilience, what affects resilience or builds negativity and provided some tools on how to manage this."

"I do care about mindfulness and awareness, which I believe contribute to self-growth so much. It was really nice to meet David Raban on this journey. Thank you for the session! In business life, I wish I would be a more resilient person against people but at least I try my best after this session."

"This workshop helped me remember simple actions that we let behind but are crucial to maintaining control in times of pressure and anxiety."

"Very helpful workshop, especially for me who hasn't ever attended a lecture/workshop/presentation about stress before. Great to be aware of certain things you can do to lower stress and/or prevent it."

"This was a truly enriching experience, which encourages introspective. I loved the thought of turning the time which you have to e.g. spend stuck in the traffic into something good, like practising mindfulness."

Testimonials from corporate workshops

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