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What Clients are Saying

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing pure joy on a client’s face after a personal breakthrough. Read on to see what clients are saying 

"Joining the mindfulness sessions was a totally new experience for me that I decided to give it a try after a difficult time. The results were impressive since I learnt techniques and tools that help me to "live" every moment of my daily life. David is a very good coach who knows a lot on this topic and explains in detail the aspects of mindfulness. Also, David paid attention to different ways someone could implement mindfulness in daily simple tasks, and that makes it easier to be integrated."


"It was at the insistence of the occupational health service that I came into contact with David Raban. That turned out to be the right decision. David teaches and gives you the right techniques step by step to get in control with yourself and live in the here and now. You clearly notice that David is driven to want to help you and has the necessary experience. After every lesson I went home with a good and especially calm feeling and I also apply what I have learned in practice. Thanks for everything David!"


"I've had the pleasure to be a participant in one of the Mindfullness workshops organized by David. I'm looking back on a very valuable experience, not only in the sessions themselves  but also still now in daily life. David has been an excellent trainer and coach, a beacon of calmness and composure, with a mountain of knowledge on effective breathing techniques. He's put a personal touch on the workshop by sharing his own experiences, as well as leaving room for participants to share theirs.

Thanks David!"

Patrick Loffeld

"I consider myself to have high levels of emotional intelligence and very good resilience. I know about how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing, but I learnt a lot in this session about how to manage stress and anxiety in both the short term and the long term which was very useful."

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